Monday, February 7, 2011

House MD (Episode: Family Practice)

Lisa Cuddy, Sister, and Mom (Candice Bergen) are out shopping when Mom complains that her heart is doing that funny thing again. Cuddy at first brushes it off, but after mom insists it is serious she goes over to examin her and says that they should go to the hospital.

Cuddy assigns House to her Mom's case and makes House wear.....wait for it.........a doctors coat so that he looks like a real doctor and more legitamate. 

But Mom dismisses House because of his origianl diagnosis of lead poisoning (and because he pisses her off) and Cuddy is forced to assign another doctor with House acting as a type of shadow doctor without her mom or even the other doctor knowing about it.  This arrangement becomes an ethical (and medical) nightmare, with  House mis-diagnosing again in the form of Alcoholism and ethical Martha putting herself on the line against House. The scenes between House and Martha are extremely well done with an interesting and insightful outcome for both House and his third-year medical student.

Not wanting to court her mother's disapproval, she backs away from confrontation. Instead of insisting that no matter what she might think of him, House is her best bet for survival, Cuddy backs off. Not only does this force House into a terrible ethical dilemma, it also keeps House and Mom apart, which delays the real diagnosis.

In the meantime, Martha tells House she's going to tell on him to Mom in the best intrests of the patient, but House replys that if she does he will get her expelled from medical school and destroy her future in medicine. She, tearfully says she's has considered that but thinks that because of his reputation, no one will believe him. But guess what? House has set her up by tricking her into drawing the moms blood without the patients consent thereby assaulting her. Martha is in disbelief at what he has done and how she was tricked to the point that she has to go and throw up.

At the end, House does confront Cuddy, insisting that she finally face her Mom and take control of her medical situation with the final diagnosis being metal poisoning of some kind (can't remember the term) from a hip implant that has begun to degrade to leak inside her body.

House also tells Martha that she is unfired and he needs her around to prevent him from doing somthing stupid because he figues Cuddy will let him someday because they are in love and she trusts him to much.


  1. Love this show. New follower.

  2. You're behind a few episodes dood. Keep up.