Sunday, February 6, 2011

House MD (Episode: Wilson)

I do think that House is my favorite show on television right now. Its such a brilliant combanation of writing and acting that I regularly watch reruns of it so since i'm not into sports, thats what I'm watching now instead of the super bowel. Crazy I know, but thats the way the cookie crumbles with me.

This episode deals with House's buddy Wilson who is out hunting with his buddy when the buddy of course collapses in pain. Wilson has treated his buddy before for cancer which is now gone, so naturally he enlists House's team to help him figure out whats going wrong. House is convinced its cancer again, but Wilson doesn't want to believe it. Naturally, House then brings him a test result proving it is indeed cancer, again.

A possible remedy is 90% effective, but guess what? The buddy is in that 10% bracket that is resistant to the treatment. The only option left is a partial liver transplant but with no one with the buddys blood type alive and/or related around, he askes Wilson (who is his doctor as well as his friend, HELLO?) to donate part of his liver to save his life.

House tries to talk him out of it using various arguments (all very good) with no success and refuses to go with Wilson into the surgery area to be with him during the procedure because he can't bear the thought of being alone in the world if Wilson should die.

In a side note, this is why doctors should not (and ethically aren't supposed to) treat friends and family. To prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Wilson gets through the procedure just fine and says he feels good about what he did.

It ends with House and Wilson walking into a home that Cuddy had put a bid on (you have to watch previous episodes to understand) and Wilson says Cuddy hurt his friend (House) and that she should pay. He calls the realator and puts in a higher bid than Cuddy's.



  1. Wilson's a passive-aggressive pansy-man.

  2. House used to be one of my favorites, maybe i will have to catch up and start watching again!